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NTFS Security Auditor 3.2.2


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NTFS Security Auditor
Vyapin NTFS Security Auditor is a powerful reporting solution for auditing NTFS security across your entire Windows network. NTFS Security Auditor provides answers to important questions about the security and health of File systems in your servers and workstations.

NTFS Security Auditor you can perform a complete security scan of Shares, Folders and Files present in your network. You can perform an automated inventory of permissions on Folders and Files at regular intervals and keep a constant watch on the health of your NTFS security. Our solution provides a variety of audit reports that are simple, elegant and highly customizable for System Administrators, IT infrastructure Managers and Systems Audit personnel to use and act on. There are several powerful, ready-to-use reports that assist in both Management reporting and Compliance reporting requirements such as SOX and HIPAA. Vyapin’s NTFS Security Auditor serves your needs of administrative tasks as well as complex data preparation tasks for assisting in compliance.
Win7 x32, Win7 x64, Windows 8
NTFS Security Auditor
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Author: Vyapin Software Systems Private Limited
License: Commercial
Price: $849
File Size: 12.9 MB
Downloads: 91

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